What is your business exit strategy?

Welcome to the Business Planning Specialists at WestPoint Financial Group. We are Indiana-based financial services professionals who advise business owners within our local communities. We specialize in providing succession planning solutions to closely-held businesses in the greater Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

We work with you, the business owner, to help you answer three fundamental questions:

Our process leads you to results.

We focus on your exit from the business. Our approach addresses the thought process behind the exit more than the specific products that execute it. We work with you to identify both a contingency plan and an exit plan. As we work together, we identify the plan that is most appropriate for your business. We then take you down a path to help you reach your business goals. We have guided many business owners with strategies that will help them to an eventual result that is of their choosing and have the resources and experience to do the same for you as well.

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For Business Owners

One of the greatest challenges facing a small or family business is properly planning for business succession. Are you protecting your most valuable asset?

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For Advisors

Your business owner clients may say that you are their most trusted business advisor. Are you leveraging their other valued advisors, though, to effectively manage and protect the business’ interest?

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The right solutions for your business can help you protect it, attract and retain key employees, and transfer it in the way you choose. Are you taking the necessary steps to help ensure the continued success of your business?

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